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Poorly drafted agreements are more likely to be unenforceable and require expensive reworking.  Our mediators are experienced family law lawyers who can help you craft a fair and lasting settlement. 


We use technology and intelligent process design to make sure each step is as efficient as possible and only uses mediator time when it’s absolutely necessary. 


Our unique automated legal drafting tools are available to you anytime you need them and give you the information you need to generate your agreement.  No more lengthy back-and-forth issuing instructions to your lawyer.

Comprehensive generation of Separation and Divorce documentation for
$2999.99 + HST per couple
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How Does Our Process Work?


Confirm that you’re eligible for our service

Take our brief questionnaire and/or have a free consultation with one of our team.


Sign-up and complete your guided interview

Enter your workspace and give us all the details we need to populate your positions and generate your documentation.


Work with your mediator

Once you’re ready, you and your spouse will meet individually with your mediator through video-conference and then craft your plan to resolve differences and generate a settlement that works for you and your family.


Receive your finalized separation and necessary divorce documentation

You will receive all of the documents required for your separation and divorce filing accompanied by a checklist of the steps you need to go through.

Why Mediation?

Doesn’t create conflict where it doesn’t exist

The collaborative approach makes the entire process less stressful. Preserving the parenting relationship is obviously important when deciding how to co-parent children and make decisions in the future. After a contested divorce and litigation, bad feelings between spouses may precipitate re engagement in the court system for all changes and decisions moving forward. You simply may never trust or look at your ex-spouse the same way.

More control over the settlement outcome

If it goes to court, the judge will inevitably decide the outcome, not you or your spouse. Collaboration in the drafting process will minimize the need for the courts to make decisions about your settlement.

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