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Unmarry Peacefully Without Costly Legal Representation

Divorce can be an emotional time for many couples, but it does not need to turn into an adversarial legal battle. At Unmarry.ca, we help low-conflict couples navigate through the divorce process, resolve issues, and obtain better results out of court. Our divorce mediation process in Toronto and Vaughan, Ontario takes advantage of technology to help you reach a quick resolution so you can focus on your future with integrity and peace. Our team of mediators know how to establish a neutral environment to enable a smooth negotiation process between you and your spouse.

What Is Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation facilitates discussions, negotiations, and helps find solutions that work best for both parties as amicably and cost-effectively as possible through a neutral third party. Instead of hiring separate lawyers to represent you and your spouse in court, both of you work with a single family lawyer to assist you in reaching an agreement that is custom-made for the wellbeing of your family, your finances and your future.

Without taking sides, the mediator for divorce helps you communicate and understand your individual and common interests and explore reasonable options. This allows couples to openly discuss their terms with each other in confidence.

Mediation vs.Court Divorce

Between mediation and court divorce, mediation is the more popular choice for separated couples who have agreed to end their marriage legally.


Mediation Litigation


It allows couples to present documents and discuss all matters in a private and neutral environment with a single lawyer/mediator. Legal and emotional decisions are kept confidential.
Taking your divorce to court means you virtually lose all your privacy during the litigation process. All documents and court orders become a public record and can be viewed by anyone, including your grandchildren.


Mediation eliminates the need for onerousfonerous and costly court documents and days in court. It is streamlined to focus on what is necessary, rather than what is required by the Court. or formal discovery, court appearances, and legal representation. Your divorce mediator is at your service whenever you need their advice and guidance. With the guidance of a professional mediator, you and your spouse are able to discuss, negotiate, and work out a co-parenting plan that ensures the best interest of your children.
Taking the divorce to court can potentially cost you more than $50,000. You pay for court fees, formal discovery, court delays, etc. In a contested child custody, the judge will decide how you will co-parent your children and how often you see your children. n. In most cases, a divorce lawyer will insist upon an invasive psychological evaluation for you and your spouse.


The timetable often depends on how long it will take for you and your spouse to can derive a cordial post-divorce settlement. You can both agree on a temporary arrangement, see how it works and then work it out, and then decide to make it final. You have limitless options.
The timetable for the divorce proceeding is out of your hands and dictated by the Court. It could take years to fully resolve your matter..


You and your spouse will take full control of the outcome of your divorce agreement. based on the advice you received from your trusted divorce mediator.
The judge, spending minimal time understanding your family who is a total stranger to your family, will decide how you live your post-divorce life. .

How Divorce Mediation Works — The Unmarry.ca Way

Divorce mediation eliminates the need for you to go to court and spend thousands of dollars on a lawyer to represent your case. With our Unmarry.ca technology, divorce mediation is made even simpler — all you need is the Internet. After you and your spouse decide to get things done mutually, our team will assist you through our legal mediation process:

  1. Qualification
    Check if you are eligible for your services by taking our self-assessment test and/or speaking with one of our lawyers online for a free consultation.

  2. Registration
    Sign up online and provide us with the necessary information needed to populate your positions and generate your documentation.

  3. Meeting with Your Mediator
    A video conference will be scheduled once you and your spouse are ready to meet with your mediator individually. Formulate your ideas to settle your differences and use our online tool to generate a settlement that works for you and your family.

  4. Finalizing Divorce Documentation
    We will send you all the documents required for your separation and divorce filing along with a checklist of the steps you need to complete it.

Is Mediation Worth It?

Couples going through a divorce should consider mediation to sort out differences and resolve disputes outside of court. It comes with a long list of benefits to many couples. Unmarry.ca’s mediation process and use of technology allow you to:

  1. Save money — you don’t each need your own lawyer
  2. Save time — no more lengthy back-and-forths costly writing letters
  3. Avoid long term stress - avoid years in Court and move on with your post separation life
  4. Retain control over your settlement
  5. Protect your children from mental and emotional strain
  6. Promote positive parenting - Avoiding litigation will promote a better long term relationship with your co- parent.
  7. Avoid potential legal conflict in the future
  8. Safeguard your relationships with extended family and friends
  9. Have closure

Is Mediation for You?

While mediation might be the most ideal option to get a divorce with as little conflict as possible, it works best only works for couples when:who: have little to no conflict and are on the same page regarding their relationship.

For divorce mediation to be successful:

You must be legally married. Couples seeking to separate from a common-law marriage are not qualified. Our divorce mediation firm in Toronto caters only to married couples.

How to Prepare for Divorce Mediation

Divorce issues are often personal and sensitive. Choosing divorce mediation helps you and your spouse make proactive choices to avoid the mayhem of a court battle in litigation. Here are some quick tips to help you prepare:

Questions to Ask During Divorce Mediation

Knowing what to ask during the divorce mediation session can help you clear out and resolve settlement issues. These questions will help you determine and understand the process of divorce mediation.

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Whether you live in Toronto, Vaughan, or nearby areas in Ontario, count on Unmarry.ca to help you navigate through the divorce process with minimal stress and conflict. Take advantage of our industry-leading technology and guidance to help you agree to a divorce settlement in Ontario while setting up a fair parenting schedule for your children. If you’re ready to start the mediation process, call us today at 1.888.553.1322 for a free consultation.

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