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Are you concerned about runaway legal costs for something that feels like it should be straightforward?

Is the thought of ‘doing it yourself’ complex and daunting?

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A separation or divorce can be a long, arduous process. To help you navigate through each step, we at Unmarry.ca have streamlined a process to help you get through your divorce faster and easier. Our process uses technology to help you get quicker resolutions so you can turn your attention to more important family matters.

Through our divorce mediation service, you get the benefit of working with an experienced divorce and family lawyer in Toronto and Vaughan, Ontario to help mediate and resolve your conflict. Once resolved, our technology helps you generate all the documents you need to become separated and divorced in Ontario:

  1. Separation Agreement
  2. Financial statements for both parties
  3. Application for Divorce and all other documents required
    to process your Divorce in Ontario.


  • Non-Adversarial Collaborative Approach - It’s the tug of war between both parties that lengthens the process. Our mediator facilitates communication between you and your spouse so you can work together without resorting to aggressive, contentious negotiation. We don’t create conflict where it doesn’t exist. We are an alternative to traditional family law firms that practice primarily family litigation.
  • Cost-Effective - With technology and our intelligent process design, every step is done efficiently. Our mediator facilitates communication You help generate the documents you need — saving time and money.
  • Quicker Resolutions - Our unique automated legal drafting tools are at your disposal. Get the information you need and personally create your own agreement. Our divorce and family lawyer/mediator is there to guide you and make sure that your agreement reflects your mediated settlement.

We Can Help

If you and your spouse just want to get it done, Unmarry.ca can guide you through the process, keep you in the driver’s seat and avoid a lot of costly legal representation.

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  • Step 1: Eligibility - See if you qualify for our services. Answer the questionnaire and/or speak with one of our lawyers online.
  • Step 2: Registration - Provide us with the details needed to populate and generate your documentation. Do this within the comfort of your own home.
  • Step 3: Drafting - Speak with your mediator when you’re ready through video conferencing. You and your spouse can choose to meet with your mediator individually. Craft your plan. Use our online tool to generate a settlement that works for you and your family.
  • Step 4: Finalize - Get your finalized separation and divorce documentation needed. This will be accompanied by a checklist of the steps you need to go through.

Is Unmarry.ca for You?

Because divorce mediation is a non-adversarial means of getting a divorce, Unmarry.ca only caters to couples who:

  • Have minimal conflict – this is not suitable for high conflict couples
  • Want to save money on legal fees
  • Want to have more control over the settlement
  • Want to minimize the impact the divorce will have on their children
  • Are looking for an alternative to traditional family law practices
  • Want to focus on more pressing family matters, like child custody
  • Want things done quickly and are willing to work together

If these apply to you, reach out to Unmarry.ca. We will help you through the process quickly so you can focus on healing and moving forward.


Divorce Done Differently

Our unique approach to divorce mediation employs industry-leading technology and efficient process design to ensure our deeply experienced family mediators spend their time on what matters most - guiding you to a fast and fair settlement.

To see if this service might be right for you, take our self-assessment or skip to learn more.

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The Benefits of Mediation

  • Mediation gives you the ability to expedite the process

    With court proceedings mostly on hold due to the pandemic, there will likely be an exceptionally large number of people lining up to work out their divorce before a family court judge. You can expect longer delays and wait times. However, divorce mediation will allow you to resolve matters and move on with your life more quickly.

  • Mediation is optional

    Mediation is voluntary, which means couples can terminate the process at any time without any penalties. Mediation can resolve matters at hand without the stringent red tape of courtroom proceedings.

  • Mediation can be done online

    There are times when it’s just not feasible for all parties involved to gather at the same place at the same time. One spouse may have moved to another province — or even to another country. Additionally, meeting face-to-face can also cause unnecessary stress, making the process more difficult than it should be. With family court procedures, it’s necessary for all parties involved to be gathered in one place. The close proximity can spark negative emotions which can derail the process. Moreover, with the pandemic still at large, social distancing has become an integral part of day-to-day life.

  • Fortunately, mediation can be done entirely online with the help of digital tools and video conferencing. This technology allows the collaborative law lawyer to facilitate a mediation more flexibly. This can be done with both spouses in the same “room” or separately when necessary. The distance makes it easier for sessions to remain focused. Remote technology is also more flexible in terms of scheduling and doesn’t require anyone to take time out during their busy day to travel to another location.

  • Mediation makes it easier for couples to stick to the agreement

    It’s easier for spouses to adhere to agreements they’ve set themselves. This is where mediation comes in. While a family law lawyer counsels and represents, a mediator merely acts as a guide. Mediators don’t dictate or impose a ruling. Instead, they help spouses come to terms with each other to generate their own settlement, making it easier for them to follow those terms.

Leveraging Technology

Our industry-leading online tool allows you to experience:

  • Convenience - Work on your documents and connect with your mediator/family lawyer in the comfort of your own home. All you need is a laptop, the Internet, and our online tool.
  • Control - Make changes online, whenever, wherever. No need to make an appointment to input information and generate documents. You are in control of your time.
  • Cost savings – You do more of the work saving you costly billable time. Using our platform, you help to automate your own documents, so the mediator/family lawyer does not need to bill you for work you can do on your own on our easy-to-use platform.

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